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Welcome to Celiac Self-Care, a newsletter devoted to helping you navigate life with celiac disease.

I share essays on the highs and lows of living with celiac disease, research-backed self-care strategies to help ease the stress of dealing with an autoimmune disorder, tips and tricks to make navigating celiac disease easier, and gluten-free product recommendations.

Below is a categorized directory of posts. Click on a topic below to get a full list of related content. Happy reading!

Basics: Explore the fundamentals of celiac disease and learn key concepts related to this condition.

Beauty: Find out how gluten affects your skin and hair and get recommendations for gluten-free beauty products.

Essays: Read my musings on the highs and lows of living with celiac disease.

Food: Learn how to navigate gluten-free eating, cook gluten-free food at home, and dine out at restaurants.

Products: See which gluten-free products I think are really worth the hype.

Tips: Discover the best advice for living with celiac disease, from how to practice self-care to how to survive the holidays.

Travel: Get insights into how to travel with celiac disease and find recommendations for gluten-free friendly destinations.

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